My personal views on topics of interest to the world. Please feel free to copy and share. Patricia Wilcox


96. Learning about Death and Religious Unity.

95. Getting the Bible to Jenny.

94. The Education and Training of Children 'Highly Meritorious'.

93. Why do Bad things happen to Good People?

92. My Most Inspiring Person.

91. The Intriguing World of Inspiration and Intuition.

90. Are Dreams Real?

89. Exploring Gender Roles in the Baha'i Teachings.

88. The Root Cause of Wrongdoing is Ignorance.

87. These are not Days of Prosperity and Triumph.

86. Erratic Movements Towards an Age of Peace.

85. A True Religion - shorn of all superstition.

84. Dreaming about a New Year​ of Oneness and Unity.

83. Learning and Practicing Unity in Diversity in the Family.

82. We Are The World..

81. Peace; more that just an End to War.

80. Faith; Myth or Reality?

79. Some Questions for the Planet.

78. Dreaming About the World as One. 

77. Reviewing the #MeToo Movement; Forward Planning.

76. #MeToo; Answered in the Golden Rule.

75. Solutions for every Social Problem.

74. 12 Major Bahai Principles.

73. There is no Cause for Despair

72. Our Right to be Wrong.

71. How I Discovered I was really a Mutant.

70. A Baha'i Responds to UN's 'Spiritual and Moral Crisis'.

69. Nations are an Aggregate of Families.

68. All Creation is Designed around Gradualism.

67. Lack of Change is Indicative of Death.

66. Completing an Age-old Journey.

65. There is no Cause for Despair.

64. The Future has Never Looked so Bright.

63. One Common Homeland.

62. Who Are You, and Where Do You Come From?

61. How Science and Religion Saved my Life.

60. The Economic Empowerment of Women

59. Where was Humanity's 'Garden of Eden'?

58. Confessions of A Mutant.

57. Some Questions for the Planet.

56. How Your Thoughts have International Consequences.

55. Women's Role in a Race Between Education and Catastrophe.

54. Every Atom is a Door.

53. Why the Future has Never Looked so Bright.

52. Science and Religion draw closer.

51. The Dalai Lama, Quantum Physics and Bahai Principles.

50. A New Age of Unity is stirring.

49. We are One People.

48. The Doomsday Clock Is Ticking LOUDER...

47. What is the Bahai Faith?

46. Mean Girls in a Kindness Desert.

45. The Future of Humanity Depends on Science.

44. The Long Awaited Possibility of World Peace.

43. The Importance of Teaching Children about Kindness to Animals.

42. Our Friend Col and the Hooters.

41. A Kiwi Knight in Shining Armour.

40. Freed from the Cage.

39. The Poisoning Survivor Who Slid Down Hills.

38. Global Women Rattle Their Cages.

37. Global Women look Back, March Forward.

36. First Grow, Then Become and Then Contribute.

35. Welcome To My World.

34. Final Tribute to a Bank Robber.

33. Why do Bad things happen to Good People?

32. Peace; more that just an End to War.

31. Unity is Essential to the Establishment of World Peace. 

30. The Unity of Science and Religion.

29. The Power of Change.

28. Dizzying Political Change.

27. Women; the only 50% minority?

26. We are the Words, we are the Children.

25. Nations are an Aggregate of Families.

24. Women - as Mothers. 

23.'Un' reclaiming our Natural Environment.

22. One Common Faith.

21. The God in all Things.

20. Preserving Unity in a New Age of Diversity.

19. Turning points in Mankind's Unity.

18. Growing Global Movements towards Unity.

17. The Power of Unity.

16. The Extraordinary Life of 'Abdu'l-Baha.

15. Dire Consequences of a Religious Leader's Death.

14. Black days for Baha'is in Iran.

13. Unity in Diversity.

12. Religion In Harmony With Science.

11. One School, Many Teachers ---Part 2

10. My Journey From Atheism To Belief.

09. A Prescription For Living.

08. Three Sons of Abraham.

07. Peace, More Than Just An End To War.

06. Fixing A Broken Family.

05. Some Family Secrets.

04. Women Waging Peace.

03. One Family.

02. Melting Pot.

01. One School, Many Teachers. Part One.